One Box of 15 Lovely Quartz Fluorite Mineral Specimens of Various Colors from Riemvasmaak, Orange River


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This box includes 15 beautiful Fluorite Mineral Specimens of various colors. Most of the Fluorites in this box are an emerald green color but some are bi-color and a couple of them are completely purple. The bi-color specimens are made up of Emerald Green, Yellow, and Purple Fluorite. These specimens range in size and formation. All of them include Quartz, though some include more than other. The druzy Quartz is clear to arctic-white in color. Some octahedrons are visible on a few of the pieces in this box. One of the pieces in this box has unusual Druzy Quartz formations in rounded and flat shapes. These Fluorites are from Riemvasmaak, Orange River in South Africa.


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