Wholesale Minerals and Crystals

mineral specimens

20 years experience in selling collectible mineral specimens and crystals online, specializing in the rarities of the Southern African region.

I often visit many of the mining areas in several countries in the South African region and have a  close involvement with the local communities and artisinal miners. Being at the source of the many varieties of minerals means I am able to supply top quality mineral specimens at very reasonable wholesale prices, without a chain of middle men pushing up the prices.

It also means that I can supply orders of virtually any quantity – if you don’t see it on the wholesale mineral specimen pages, just drop me an email and ask 🙂

DHL Express and Fedex are our carriers of choice and and packages are often delivered within 2 days worldwide.


Please note that we are shipping from Johannesburg, South Africa and while we have negotiated the best possible shipping rates from DHL and Fedex, the cost per kilogram gets progressivly better the heavier the total order is, which is why we recommend stockpiling a few orders over a period of time and combining the shipping. Please drop me an e-mail or a Facebook message to get the “free” shipping code and we will only bill you when you are ready for us to pack and send.


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Showing 1–24 of 558 results